In the earlier part of my naturopathic career, I ran ‘Women’s Health Centres (Aust)’ at which time I focussed a lot on matters of infertility, especially for women, as female infertility is more complex than male, but just as easy to address in a natural way.

Due to the large number of physical causes of infertility, all patients and their partners should undergo a complete diagnostic evaluation if conception fails to occur within 2 to 3 years.  Once the problem area has been diagnosed, treatment can be directed more specifically.  Certainly not all causes of infertility can be influenced by natural therapies; however, the cases that can be are very rewarding.  When nothing can be found to prevent conception in either partner, the individualized naturopathic approach represents an excellent approach, and certainly can do no harm, and according to an Australian study, has a much better chance of success than IVF programs.

In the late 1990s, a study done in Australian hospitals compares the success rate of the high tech, high expense IVF program with the simple, low cost Natural Medicines. The success rate using the IVF program sits at around 20% for clinically infertile couples.  And for years, science has applauded itself for such wonderful success.  This study shows that natural medicine proves to be about 80% successful.  And at about 1/20th the cost to the taxpayer.

Naturopathic fertility protocols have a proven track record over many decades.  Medical diagnosis can work hand in hand here; diagnosing specifically what may be the infertility problem will be useful to the naturopathic clinician.

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