Generally, allergies denote an immune response to a toxin.  The immune system tends to signal by causing inflammation, often visible as a rash on the skin somewhere, with or without localised swelling or itchiness (eg eczema, dermatitis).  If it occurs on the internal skin, there can be mucus secretions as well as any of the foregoing.

Ideally, treatment aims to identify, and exclude the potential allergen/s, the agent/s causing the allergy.  Many of the common allergens are food-based, such as are contained in wheat (eg, gluten, gliadin) and cow’s milk (casein, whey), pesticides and other chemicals in and on food, in our drinking water, even our personal care products are a common source of allergens and irritants (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreens, washing powders), as well as medical drugs, antibiotics.  This is before we get to the better-known ones such as extreme peanut allergy, MSG allergy and many others that can cause anaphylaxis, in which the airways swell and become blocked, and death by asphyxiation can occur.

Allergy usually denotes a dysregulation of the immune system (it is not the ‘norm’ to have allergies to peanuts, for instance).   Hyper-allergenicity and hyper-sensitivity syndromes (including MCS – multiple chemical sensitivities) respond well to a journey that strives for optimal health.  One needs to eliminate the identified/potential “culprits”, as well as to allow the immune system time and encouragement to de-sensitise.

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