Doctors will tell you we don’t know what causes autoimmune diseases, they are of “unknown etiology” (cause/s).  We know that for some reason, a body can develop antibodies that attack parts of our own body tissue.  For example, antibodies that a body can produce will attack, say in the case of MS (multiple sclerosis), the myelin sheathing that is wrapped around and protective of the nerves. Myelin sheathing acts much like the non-conductive electrical insulation as it covers and protects electrical wiring from short-circuiting.  This auto-immune attack can destroy this sheathing, so that the nerves “short-circuit”, and the signals from the brain are lost in transmission, affecting the capacity of muscles to move the body properly. 

Again for reasons unknown, there are many types of autoimmune diseases, in which cases the same immune abnormality seems to cause dysfunction of body tissue, muscles, skin, organs, and if not stopped, will dramatically affect one’s quality and length of life.

The hypothesis called the Leaky Gut Hypothesis of Autoimmune Disease Pathways, is one that has been acknowledged by natural healers for many decades now as valuable in arresting (and even reversing the condition).  I have seen some amazing clinical responses, enough to give some hope, and enough to see an hypothesis that needs to be explored, and researched further.

In simple terms, in pathologic (disease) states, the wall of the large bowel can become semi-permeable (“leaky”).  This allows the (abnormal) absorption of fluids across the membrane wall (osmosis, or cellular respiration), toxic metabolic waste fluids from the liver and metabolites of digestion that are entirely toxic and threatening to the internal environment, fluids containing protein particulate (eg peptides) for instance, and against which the body’s immune system will produce antibodies against a possible future insult.  Now some of these peptide-based antigens in DNA stretches can resemble DNA stretches of our own tissue, causing immune system confusion, and these normally protective antibodies start attacking of our own DNA-similar tissue, be it bone (r. arthritis), muscle (fibromyalgia), skin (psoriasis), lungs (asthma-type), nerves (MS), organs (scleroderma), etc.

Now, if this hypothesis is adopted as a working model, one proceeds with protocols that firstly stop the “leaky gut”, withdraw those factors likely to cause it again, then one arrests the process.  Then, natural therapies shows one the amazing capacities of the body, to regain homeostasis, balance.  To heal itself!  With a little conscious help from you!

The body is its own great physician, if only we knew that!  Oh, you have had something for 20 years?  You are in a wheelchair?  Well, who knows what healing powers your body has for you?

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