You must understand that there are basically two diametrically opposed, but not necessarily mutually exclusive, systems that you are free to choose, if confronted with a cancer diagnosis.

One is expensive (the average cancer patient in Australia is worth about $380,000 to the Medical Monopoly, as I call the Health System here in Australia).  Although most of all this cost of consultations, referral consultations, numerous diagnostic testing with imaging and biopsying, of on-going rounds of treatments with drugs (chemotherapy), radiation, and surgeries, etc comes from the public purse, and one considers if one had to pay for all this out of one’s own pocket, would they subject themselves to such a futile system of treatment?  In the USA it is $1,250,000 for each cancer patient.  A lucrative business, all round.

This System uses three very unnatural means to treat.  Basically your only options in this system are various experimental and highly toxic drugs, surgery, which is not at all precise and therefore unsafe, and radiation which (duh?) can cause cancer.

Chemotherapy (drugs) generally pollute the patient to the point of death if continued on with, certainly at the very least these chemotherapeutic agents dysregulate the immune system, which can set one up for serious disease down the track, such as cancer (again), if you are lucky enough to survive the treatments and the cancer this time round. 

There is surgery; wouldn’t it be wonderful if the surgeon could simply cut out the cancer and be done with it.  Unfortunately, it is not so easy, cancer attaches to organs and precludes total excision of the cancer.  And surgery is not all that safe, either;  even with something as simple as a skin cancer, surgery all too often simply succeeds in the spreading (“dissemination”) of the cancer, perhaps into the lymphatic or blood system, or into local tissue, and suddenly it is lethal, because some cancer cells can then be carried into other organs, that’s when it becomes lethal.

And then there is radiation.  When one receives radiation, damage is done not just to the cancerous cells,  it damages adjacent healthy cells as well, all parts of otherwise healthy cells, damaging DNA, and can thus cause cancer.

The hope with all the above is to get rid of the lesions, lumps and tumors we call “the cancer”.  By poisoning, burning, or slashing.  And if the treatments get you past 5 more years, then the treatment was successful.  Never mind that your health has been ruined, perhaps beyond recovery ultimately, and you struggle on but die prematurely down the track, of cancer again or something else.

One’s continuing health is dependent on a healthy immune system, not one that has been damaged by the treatments above.  And that wisdom is what has driven folk to seek a better way, an “alternative” way, which avoids the grief the Medical Monopoly can bring, and seek to achieve homeostasis in as natural a way as possible.  There are many such paths, (see, most of which hold as fundamental, and that is  attention to diet.  Good health (and disease management, reversal, or cure) is not possible without the foundation for healing being in place, and that is dietary intake.

It is not just a matter of taking some anticancer cure (and there are many anti-cancer substances out there); not just popping a pill (that is part of the medical mythology).  Healing must be wholistic.

The difficulty these days is not because we have too little information as to how to combat cancer naturally, there is so much information, indeed an almost confusing array of advices and products promising to help you reverse your cancer.  Where to start?  You can’t do it all.

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