We include here such common illnesses as measles, mumps, chicken-pox, and rubella (whooping cough).  But there are many more, To all these, the same comments will apply.

In healthy children, these “diseases” are indeed mild, and non life-threatening.  I remember getting each of these as an infant, the sweating and perspiration, the fevers, the hallucinations and vivid dreams, of being given hot water bottles and being rugged up to induce the sweating, to assist the natural immune response, the fever.  In the face of an “infection” with a wild measles virus, say, the body raises the temperature several degrees (a “temperature”, a fever if you will), in which the metabolism speeds up, one eliminates toxins quickly, and the immune system develops antibodies to the “germ”, and memory of the pathogen, so that with the next and subsequent exposures in life, the immune system will rapidly activate, this time without all the fanfare of the fever etc, and deal with the “invader” that it’s a something-nothing event, maybe a sniffly nose for a day or two.

If these diseases ever kill someone, it is because that individual has become immune-compromised.  In other words, the child (or adult) has become diseased first, such that the immune system is not adequate to the exposure, and one comes down perhaps again and again with the “germ”.  The person first becomes susceptible to “germs” because their immune system has been compromised. 

How does that happen?  Dysregulation of the immune system due to (highly toxic and chemically poisonous) vaccines most commonly these days, poor food and fluid-intake choices, use of antibiotics and poor hygiene practice (eg use of fluoridated and chlorinated toothpaste, soap, shampoos and conditioners, laundry detergents with chlorine in them), poor health practices in general, exposure to chemicals and for all sorts of other reasons.

It is a bugs world we inhabit.  If we could only see!!  Well, if one looks through a high-powered microscope, one can see that on literally every surface known to man, covering every square centimetre of ground, of rocks, trees, pavements, floors, our skin (outside and inside), on top of the highest mountain, and in the deepest sea, and in every litre of air, in evry handful of soil, in fact, according to A. Bechamp, they are in our every cell of our bodies, these living colonies of microscopic entities, or “bugs” as we call them). 

They are all friendly, (there is no “bad” bacteria), they all have micro-specific, but grossly important roles to play in the overall ecological health of the planet, and everything therein.  That includes us, they help keep us healthy, inside and out!  They help maintain balance and keep the more proliferative ones (eg candida) in check.  Candida is an important good guy also, but if there is an underlying imbalance within the organism (eg, my body), then like any otherwise good little children, they can play up sometimes, and “cause” some signs that really should tell us, “Something is out of balance here”.  In these instances, in which for example we now have thrush, we should not be shooting the messenger with antibiotics for instance, else injury is added to insult!!

So the secret to common childhood illness is to welcome it, knowing this is the journey to an omnipotent immune system.  Honour the fever, don’t treat it as if it were a problem, or something in itself to be treated (do not give the child panadol, to bring down the fever, that’s perhaps the worst thing you can do, because it is unnatural, it doesn’t help what the body is doing, providing natural immunity.  Encourage it, with warm bedclothes and hot water-bottle, warm drinks.  Plenty of water, no food.  Then the fever will “break”, and within hours wellness returns, the exhausted body sleeps, and awakens stronger and wiser than before, and you are better prepared now to face the world unafraid of disease or “germs”.

There are things to do, and things not to do, and I can help you with these preparations and wisdom, to give you, the loving parent, the encouragement to be strong, and do what is naturally best for your child.  The wisdom of folk down through the ages is available to you, as to how to be healthy and long-lived all those times ago before there was ever any pharmaceutical vaccines or drugs that we call “medicines” today.

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