Digestive Problems

Humans have long been aware that many, if not most diseases start in the gut, as “bad digestion is the root of all evil” and “death sits in the bowels” are two sayings attributed to the good doctor Hippocrates (c.400 B.C.).

There are so many reasons as to why this is so.  For a start, much of the development of the immune system is associated with exposure in the gut to the natural bacterial ecology of the food (mother’s milk) and water as babies, (also the air), and other exposures such as putting things in one’s mouth (maybe infants crawl before they walk precisely to initiate this contact with soil-borne bacteria), all of which stimulates the full immune-system development, from the immature immune system of the baby to the natural immunity of a child.  Inevitable exposure to various allergens in foods (not just food additives, but naturally occurring pathogens and allergens such as gluten)  is perhaps also important for the body to further develop proper digestive capabilities.

So, to be able to live “infection free”, one has to at least eat right, ideally from being first breast-fed as a baby and weaned consciously, in harmony with the natural laws.  And one has to with-hold from the body those things that will create imbalance and disease.  But it is never too late to get onto the right path.

The process of digestion is a synergy of fermentation between the various enzymes and acids our gut produces, as well as the natural enzymes, acids (amino, fatty etc), sugars, mineral salts, water and fibre that we ingest in the foods we eat.  Natural, freshly picked raw foods (sun-ripened fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds) come thus pre-packaged to facilitate digestion, and tell our bodies we want more of this healthy food.  However the more refined, the more processed, the more cooked these foods. the less easily digested, and imbalances in the gut occur, with consequences for our health.

The plan is to correct the imbalances, and restore homeostasis, balance, and freedom from disease.

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