Firstly, what everyone wants is to be immune-ised; that is, we want to develop immunity as we live in this world of bacteria, viruses, etc, so we don’t come down with infections, right?  The question is, How does a human being best develop this immunity?  Is the best level of immunity against “disease” achieved with, or without, the “help” of vaccines?

Please note carefully this distinction: Immunisation is not the same as vaccination; being immunised means that your immune system has developed an ability to successfully resist disease by mounting an “immune response”, in which various immune system agents act against an “invader”, and you do not succumb to the threatened disease, or only mildly at worst.  On the other hand, vaccination means having vaccines put into you (usually with an injection), for the intended purpose of immunising you. 

The trouble is, vaccines do not confer immunity, at least not in the way nature wants.  Nature wants to bestow a “naturally-induced” immunity that in terms of efficacy, has a lifetime guarantee, and is able to achieve that harmlessly.  Vaccines do not do that; they are not effective (at very best they disturb the immune system to temporarily convey an “immunity of sorts”, but it doesn’t last, and so one has to be constantly having “boosters” (proof it doesn’t work). 

And vaccines are certainly not safe.  They can not only cause instant neurological damage such as autism (ref Dr Andrew Wakefield who has shown the link between the DPT and Autism, and Gardasil is now being linked to neurological, MS-like symptoms, and death).  Vaccines give the community a false sense of security (eg a flu’ shot, and then you come down with your worst flu ever!!). The lie we have been told, ever since the days of Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur, is that vaccines can immunise, and what’s more, they can do so safely, and effectively.  They can not, and do not; they never have.

Now I have never been vaccinated, against anything, not even a tetanus shot; instead I have been immunised the natural way.  I was born in 1949 when there was no polio vaccine anyway (not until 1955/6).  By the time the first polio vaccine came out, the incidence of, and mortality from polio had dropped to only 5% of what it was in the year 1900, due to improved hygiene, clean water supplies and better sanitation.  So the polio vaccines did nothing against polio, other than continue to cause it (provocation polio).  Scarlet fever had almost gone, due to the same reasons, and no vaccine was ever invented for that disease. 

My mother decided to breast-feed me, wean me consciously, ensure I got plenty of fresh air, sunshine, sleep and exercise, clean water to drink and bathe in, and “unsprayed” foods, provide as happy an environment as possible for me to live and grow up in.  She allowed me to get measles, mumps, chicken-pox, and whooping cough, all of which are not life-threatening to a healthy young child, indeed they are mere interruptions to an otherwise energy-filled life, as I recall, and indeed developing natural antibodies to these “germs” has given me a strong, natural immunisation, that stands me in good stead wherever I go on this planet.  I’ve been plenty down and dirty, cut badly on rusty iron, got food poisoning, been bitten by tropical mozzies, by spiders and snakes, got the flu, and none of which have threatened my life, and all of which I have been able to handle naturally.

I can personally recommend this natural immunisation!!!!

Read more about this fascinating topic, see graphs that prove that vaccines do not work, and try to understand what purpose politically that vaccines play despite the fact that they are ineffective, and kill thousands of innocent people every year.  See how much cudos the medical people claim, wrongly, when the historical facts show that there has been so much lying.  Vaccine history is one of greed for money, and lies, where the truth is a mere inconvenience, and the damaged people are merely collateral damage of war, the war for power.  Learn how NOT to become just another statistic, and claim your birth-right, a natural immune system for yourself, your children and loved ones.  CLICK HERE


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