Your God is Too Small...

an Open Letter to All Christians,
in which we examine the question,
What is “The WILL of God for Mankind”?

A paper written by Adrian Jones, March 1, 2015 First Edition.

It should be said at the outset, that the purpose of this document is simply to share with you some of my own thought; it is not wanting to try and “convert” anyone in this matter.

What is presented here is a personal view. It may be best read through first, to see the whole picture as I attempt to portray it, and then, after you have read the whole, which I trust you will find easy enough, you may want to reflect on some of these ideas, at least a little, before you might then want to “tear me up”! Which of course, is your free choice. Or is it?

However, I welcome any comments in response you may feel compelled to offer.


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