We have learned a lot about skin cancers through using Black Salve over the years, and it is our hope that one day soon we can bring Black Salve through the various “scientific trials”, to the point of registration as an “Approved” treatment / cure for skin cancer.

The most important lesson we have learned, probably, is this.  NEVER let anyone cut out a skin cancer until it has been positively, histologically identified.  This means a core or a punch biopsy.  Do NOT take the opinion of even a dermatologist, because they get it wrong too often, and when it has to do with say a melanoma, or a squamous cell carcinoma, you do not want someone cutting it out without taking all of the lesional cancer cells in the very first excision.  Otherwise, the cancer cells can travel and be “disseminated” to other tissue in the body, where it can become lethal.

Bill’s story…Here’s a lovely family man about my age, who went to his GP about a lesion on his skin, and his GP doing the right thing referred him on to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist however did NOT do what he should have done, he did not do a biopsy.  Instead he said, “That looks like a BCC” (a relatively harmless skin cancer), and promptly cut it out and sent it off to the lab for analysis.  The lab returned, “Malignant melanoma, Stage 2, incomplete margins”.         

The short story is, Bill underwent five (5) ever-more invasive surgeries eventually including the removal of 13 lymph nodes and some salivary glands, and endured some radiations.  All to no avail, except disfigurement to the neck; because the cancer had now become “disseminated” (disseminated, presumably, by the very first, and incomplete surgery) and was now scattered throughout the tissues (muscle, lymph, fascia etc) in his neck, around and onto the occipital border of his cranium.  Now, it was lethal.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Many people are experimenting with so-called “unapproved” substances like the black salve, bloodroot paste, yellow salve, as well as various botanicals like radium weed, egg plant, and many more.  Indeed, books are written as to how folk are using these substances (for example, see my e-book, How Black Salve is being used to Treat Skin Cancer in the 21st Century).  Can you believe it, indeed some people say that black salve is one cure for skin cancer, if the word “cure” means to get rid of it.  Of course if this writer were to make “unsubstantiated claims” about Black Salve, he could be prosecuted, and so I don’t make any claims.  And he has found out the hard way that freedom of speech is a fragile thing in Australia.  Australian common law actually discourages one from telling the truth.  It is as if Truth has been dispensed with.

I first started using the black salve on myself, to experiment with and familiarise myself with its properties, about 15 years ago.  That’s what all “pioneers” do (not that I was a pioneer user, I mean, just in my own experience), and anyone using the salve for the first time feels like a pioneer.  I have since seen first-hand the use of black salve and the effects on skin cancers of various diagnosed types.  My conclusions are pretty much those of my colleagues and peers, indeed, of any man or woman who has used or does use the black salve.  Enough to say, that as far as the TGA goes, I have reserved my right as a man, a creation of God, a free man, to take naturally occurring minerals and herbs which God has made for our health and well-being, to make and use the black salve for the best health of myself and my family, and to agree to talk about it within the constraints of existing law (whether I agree with the law, or not, as in this case).

You may even be interested to read my comments on the Retraction as printed on my Home Page.  We need to open our eyes to this ever-encroaching menace we call the Medical Monopoly (sponsored by profits from these “pharmaceutical” drugs, a model promoted by highly paid, highly influential drug pushers).  Their not-so-hidden agenda is to control every aspect of our lives, even to the very food we eat and water we drink.  They want to medicalise the whole population, from the cradle to the grave, make us all “patients”, their money source.  They do not want genuine “alternative” anything, let alone optimal health for the population, naturally, without any drugs, surgery, or any reliance on that system. (except in trauma, eg as in a car accident, take me to the surgeon, not a naturopath!!).

For safety considerations alone, you may wish to circumvent the conventional option, surgery, altogether, and look for some alternative to that.  Else you “takes ya chances”.

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